Workbook Page 6-10 Instructions

Information to Include in Your Project Plan

See below for help filling out pages 6-10 of your Eagle Project Workbook prior to submitting to the District Eagle Committee for approval.

  • Click HERE for PDF EXAMPLE OF HOW TO FILL OUT THE CONTACT PAGE – This must be complete, including names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.  Please be thorough.
  • The project beneficiary must be clear & beneficiary contact information must be completely filled out.  The school, government department, or religious organization name should be included along with a good address.
  • Make sure the beneficiary is non-profit, if not non-profit, find a non-profit org that feeds it to go through.
  • Include specific, identifiable, and measurable goals for your project (for example, rather than tell us you want to make blankets for a homeless shelter, contact the shelter, find out what the need is and make a goal to meet that meets that need).  Answer questions like how many, and what size, in your plan details.
  • List materials and supplies required to complete the project.
  • List source(s) of funding for the materials and supplies.
  • How will the funding be obtained?
  • Identify permits that may be required (type and from whom)
  • Include plans and drawings of the project particularly for constructed items (as applicable)
  • Include before photos and list the dimensions of the area where Project work will take place (as applicable)
  • Include total estimated hours and sources of manpower to be utilized (per person)
  • Tell us how you will meet the leadership requirement by detailing how you will gather, delegate, train, and lead your workers throughout your project.
  • Safety concerns and how you will deal with them.
  • Do not use terminology specific to our LDS Religion. Say church, rather than Ward, use troop rather than quorum, etc.
  • If the Fundraising application is required for the project, (see page 9 and instructions on page 17-18), the completed application is required before approval.  Fill out the paperwork and bring it with you to your Approval board meeting to receive the District Signature.  If fundraising will occur outside of Springville, please contact Pualani Graham, Utah National Parks Council in Orem Utah, 801-437-6222 to get a Council approval signature.
  • Page 10 Signatures – Collect 3 signatures (Scout Leader, Unit Committee Member, Project Beneficiary) before submitting.  You are not required to scan them in to submit by email but you must obtain them prior to submitting for approval.  When you come before the approval board and your project receives approval, the District will provide the final 4th signature.

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