Step Two – Project Approval








Eagle Project Approval Process

Complete EACH STEP BEFORE submitting your project below.  Do not begin work on your project until after you have received approval!

1.  Click here to read Project Guidelines and Restrictions to be sure your project is not a restricted one – Make sure you have an approvable project.

2.  Click here to download the Eagle Project Workbook.  READ IT BEFORE YOU BEGIN (you MUST USE NEWEST VERSION unless your project was approved before December 31, 2011).

3.  Fill out the Eagle Project Workbook Proposal section by typing into the fillable form on your (pages 1-6 through 2-4). Click here for a PDF example and information that you will need to fill out the contact page (pg 1-6).  




4. Save your proposal as a PDF file on your computer so you can submit it online below when ready.

5.  Go over your paperwork with your Troop Eagle Coach (trained by the District Eagle Committee).  Ask them to review your project proposal to be sure it contains the criteria for approval.  If you don’t have a Troop Eagle Coach, ask the COR for your Unit (usually the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric) why.

6.  Print out and present your project proposal to all three of the people listed on page 2-6 of your workbook.  Ask them to review your proposal.  Tell them about your project and ask for their input.  They may have suggestions.  When they approve, get them to sign in the appropriate spot.

IMPORTANT: You are not required to scan in the signature page in order to submit your proposal by email but you must obtain them prior to submitting for approval.  When you come before the approval board and your project receives approval, the District will provide the final 4th signature.

Remember the Boy Scout Oath.  We encourage you to “Do Your Best!”

  • Fill out the form online so that it will be typed and legible
  • Fill in the blanks completely.  Fill in all contact information.
  • Use a spell checker.
  • Use well thought out sentences so that your explanations will be understood.
  • We recommend that you have an adult proof read it before you submit it.

If you have followed all the steps above, then you are ready to submit your project for review.




Approval FAQ’s