Eagle Application Requirement 6

Eagle Application Requirement 6

Both these items may go on the same page but should be separated.  When completed, include them in your Eagle Packet  to be turned into the District for review prior to your Eagle Board of Review.

A. Life’s Goals and Ambitions Statement
This is a statement telling us your plans and goals for the future starting with now going forward.  Think about what comes next in your life and list that, then keep going as far as you can.  Topics could include:

    • Education (high school, college degree, etc.)
    • Future Scouting involvement (what will be your role)
    • Religion or Duty to God
    • Hobbies or Personal Development
    • Future family
    • Work

B. List of Leadership Positions
This is a list of positions held (outside of scouting) in your religious institution, school, sports, camp, community, or other organizations during which you demonstrated leadership skills.  Also include any honors or awards you have received.  Put this in list form.

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