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Sources for Eagle Projects

There are many entities that are good sources for understanding current community needs. Eagle Leadership Service Projects are best developed by young men who understand local community needs.

The organizations that we serve are often the best sources for Eagle project ideas.



Project Approval is Required before beginning your project.  Please read the Project Restrictions and Guidelines page prior to spending any amount of time planning a project!

If you have a question as to the type of Eagle service project you would like to do, it is best to get it answered before you go to the effort of planning and submitting it for approval. This is part of proper planning!

After reading through all the information on the website, contact your Eagle Coach with any questions.  If there are questions he can’t answer, please have your Eagle Coach contact us through the Help section of this website.


Eagle Project Interest Finder



Local Eagle Project Sources & Contact Info



More Project Ideas



If you have chosen an approvable project, we highly recommend that you sign up for the District Eagle Prep course (top right) and get help filling out your paperwork in preparation for submitting it for approval.       

Your next step is to start the approval process…

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