Preparing your Eagle Packet

Completing your Eagle Paperwork

Before you complete the final step and attend your Eagle Board of Review, you must complete some paperwork.  This paperwork is called your Eagle Packet.  Your completed Eagle Packet should contain the following items.

PLEASE NOTE:  CLICK ON EACH LINK BELOW FOR COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS on how to fill each item out correctly.  INCORRECT or INCOMPLETE submissions will be returned to you for correction.  This will delay your Eagle Board of Review.

  • Eagle Application – Front and back pages must be printed on one sheet of paper, preferably in color.  Click link for examples and instructions.
  • Letters of Recommendation (You must make the first request for your references to mail their letters of recommendation to the District Committee, but the committee then follows up.  Click for instructions and address.)
  • Eagle Blog Parental Permission Form (If you are under 18, we would like your parent’s permission to take your picture and post it on the website to congratulate you on your achievement.  This picture will be taken at your Eagle Board of Review.  If we do not have this form, we will be unable to take your picture.)
Place all these items loose, in a paper folder.  Do not staple them or put them in a 3-ring binder.  When you are ready, click on the link below to find out how to turn in your packet.


I have completed all paperwork for my Eagle Packet and am ready to submit it for review….

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