Letters of Recommendation – Eagle Application Requirement #2




Your Eagle Scout Rank Application requirement #2 requests you to provide a list of 6 references.  These references are from the following people.

  • Parent (if your father is also your Bishop, please use your mother as the parent)
  • Bishop/Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Employer (if you have not had paid employment, you do not need to provide an employer reference)
  • Two other people (not family members)

You may not use one person to provide two references letters or count one letter for two references.  For example, if your parent is also your Bishop, he may not provide letter(s) for both the parent and the Bishop reference.  You are required to have one letter for each reference.


Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Our Council requires letters of recommendation for each of the references listed above.  Please request your references to send their letters to the District Committee at the following address:

Hobble Creek District Eagle Board
c/o Dawn Casey
19 S 1000 E
Springville, UT 84663

Sometimes it helps to give them envelopes with stamps and the address above written on it to make it easier for them.  Give them a deadline so they know you need them by a certain date.


Who Follows Up?

Once you have requested the letters to be sent to us, you are not responsible to follow up to get these letters after your initial request.  When you turn your Eagle Packet into us, we will put all the letters we have received from you into your packet and follow up on the ones we haven’t received.  We won’t be able to follow up on any missing letters of recommendation until you turn in your packet to us so get it in as soon as possible.

Please be aware that Your Eagle Board of Review may be delayed until we receive these letters.



I have requested my letters of Recommendation…..

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