Step Two – Training & Resources

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Eagle Coach Training Process

  1. Please enter your info here so you’ll receive ongoing Eagle info/updates from the the District.
  2. Complete the online BSA Youth Protection Training course.  It is not necessary to complete this again if you have completed it in the process of registering for a current scouting position.
  3. Review the “Scouts” section of this website, click on every link, and become familiar with the requirements and guidelines for Eagle Projects along with our District procedures.
  4. Read the following information:

Complete Steps 1-4 then attend:

  • Monthly Round Table at 7pm for the District Eagle Coach Training Courses.  THERE ARE A SERIES OF 3 CLASSES YOU MUST TAKE IN ORDER TO BE TRAINED AS AN EAGLE COACH. These will cycle through over and over again each month.  Please sign in so we have a record that you attended each course.

Important:  Eagle Coach training is ongoing.  You will receive email communications from the committee, please read them for updates/changes in the requirements and pass these on to the scouts/leaders/parents in your troop. At the completion of the 3 District Eagle Coach training courses, you will receive a registration form to fill out and you will be officially registered as a BSA Eagle Coach.  This is a District Committee position and you may wear the District Committee patch and loops on your uniform.  The patch and shoulder loops ($5.10) will be available for purchase at the Scout office or at the Training Course for your convenience.






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Eagle Coach Tools & Resources

Pre-Project Approval Tools and Links

Post-project, Pre-Eagle Board of Review Tools and Links


Please pass these flyers out to the parents, leaders, and scouts in your Ward/Troop.  The faster we get the word out about this website, the easier your job will be! 🙂

Please note: The flyers refer to classes that we are no longer holding.  We’ll provide an updated flyer as we are able. Thank you!