Eagle Statistics Form

Eagle Statistics Form

Click the text link above, download the form and save it to your computer desktop.  Use a PC rather than a Mac if possible.  If you use a Mac, use Adobe Reader to open and save the file.  If you have trouble with viewing the file, please contact us by clicking the help link above.

This is a fillable form, which means you can click on the blanks and type in your information.  This form MUST BE TYPED to avoid any problems reading the information. This way it will be nice and neat and make a good impression when you come before the Eagle Board.

When filling out the Statistics form, here is some helpful info:

  • The form must be typed, use your computer to fill in the blanks.
  • Make sure the data entered matches what is in your workbook!
  • Leave the date of your Eagle Board of Review blank
  • Leave the Council sections blank
  • District = Hobble Creek
  • Unit Number = your Troop number

I have typed in my information and printed the Eagle Statistics Form to put in my Eagle Packet…