Eagle Project Workbook

Downloading the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

This is what you will be using to record your project progress.  You should have already downloaded the Workbook and saved it to your Desktop in Step One.  If not, please follow the instructions below.  If you are at the end of your project and have already been using your workbook, skip this section and go to directly to the bottom section.

Important:  If your project was approved before December 31, 2011, and you have been using the old workbook (the one with the picture of a scout on it), you may finish up using that. All those who were approved after that, must use the new workbook above.

  • Click the workbook image above & follow the instructions exactly.
  • The form is designed to allow you to type your information into the blanks. Be sure to save it to your computer each time you finish so you don’t lose anything.
  • Read through the ENTIRE booklet, this is a requirement.  It has important information that will help you to know how to do your Eagle Project.  if you have any questions about the information in the booklet, go on to Step 2 and find an Eagle Coach who will be able to assist you.

Please be complete in your answers.  Do not leave any blanks.  Read what you have written to someone else to see if it makes sense.  In each step, write down what you did in order so that those reviewing your project will understand the process you followed.


How to Include Important Requirements

If you are just beginning to plan your project and you want some ideas about including the necessary planning, leadership, impact, and safety requirements needed for approval, click here.


What to Complete When

You should be completing this workbook in sections:

1 – Pages 6-10 (or 1-6 through 2-4 in newer version) to submit for approval from the District Eagle Committee prior to beginning your project.  Click here for instructions.

2 – If your project includes a fundraiser, collections, or donations, read through the guidelines carefully (pages 17 & 18).  If the fundraiser, collections, or donations amounts you will be collecting are worth above $500 you will need to fill out pages 17 and 18 and bring them to your approval meeting to receive a signature from the District Eagle Committee.

3 – Once you have received approval you should complete the Final Plan on pages 11-16.

4 – Pages 19 & 20 should be completed at the completion of the project. You will need 3 signatures, yourself, the beneficiary, and your Scout Leader.

When you have completed your Workbook, you will include it in your Final Eagle Packet to be submitted to the District Eagle Committee prior to your Eagle Board of Review.


Complete Final Review – Make sure all signatures and dates are present!


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