Internet Advancement Member Summary

The Internet Advancement Member Summary is a report that lists all your rank and merit badge dates and it can only be obtained from the BSA online advancement system.

How To Get The Report

Contact the Advancement Chairman for your Troop.  This is the person who enters the awards into the online Scout database.  Every Troop must have a registered Advancement Chair or they cannot recharter each year.  If you do not know who this is, ask the COR for your Troop (usually the 2nd Counselor in your Bishopric).

Ask them for a copy of your Internet Advancement Member Summary…this is NOT a report from Troopmaster.

Your Troop Advancement Chair should have access to the BSA Online Advancement system.
    What To Check On The Report

      If any of the following are not correct, you will need to have your Troop Advancement Chair go into the BSA Internet advancement system and change the dates and either print you a new report (if under 16) or email the Council again to get a reprint (if 16 or older).

      • Tenderfoot Rank date is at least 30 days AFTER Boy Scout join date (Join dates must be emailed from Council – see above)
      • Minimum 4 months between First Class and Star Rank Board of Review dates
      • Minimum 6 months between Star and LIfe Board of Review dates
      • Minimum 6 months between Life and Eagle Board of Review dates
      • First Aid Merit Badge date is prior to Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge date
      • Family Life and Fitness merit badges take 90 days to complete, make sure the earned date for these is at least 90 days after you joined Boy Scouts.

      Why Do I Need This?

      This is an important report. You need to:

      • Include it in your Eagle Packet
      • Use it to get the merit badges dates and rank dates for your Eagle Application

      Print it out and use it to fill in your merit badges dates and rank dates on your Eagle Application. Make sure you do not use a print out from the Troopmaster program or any other source!  The dates you use to fill out your Eagle Application must match the Scout office records.  Carefully read the instructions for filling out the Eagle Application BEFORE filling it out :).


      I have requested my Internet Advancement Member Summary to include in my Eagle Packet…..