Approval FAQ’s

Why do I need to go to an approval meeting? Our district has never done it this way before.


In the past approvals have been done through email.  Projects were submitted by email and then questions sent to the scout, and then the scout was required to make the changes to his paperwork and then resubmit it by email.  When he received approval, he was required to track down a committee member to get a signature.

Holding an approval meeting is something requested by the Council and National BSA.  This benefits the scout by eliminating a step in the approval process and decreasing the hassle for the scout. Rather than go back and forth by email, the scout is only required to submit their paperwork once online. The committee then reviews and responds with suggestions once, then invites the scout to come prepared with any recommended adjustments to an approval meeting.  If he comes prepared, he will receive the approval signature that evening.

Approval meetings improve the approval process by:

  • Allowing the committee to converse with the scout and get answers first hand rather than through written means which are not always complete and don’t always reflect the project plans accurately.
  • By including a parent in the meeting the scout has increased support from a parent who better knows and understands the process and requirements.
  • Decreases the amount of time the scout must spend on the approval process by eliminating the back and forth project submissions required in the past.
  • Increases the chance that the scout will understand the requirements.
  • Meeting with the scout during the approval process follows BSA approval process guidelines.


Approval ProcessOld ProcessNew ProcessBenefits for the Scout
Project Paperwork SubmissionEmailOnlineLess Time for the committee to review, submission less likely to get lost.
Committee Revision RecommendationsEmailed to ScoutEmailed to ScoutSame
Paperwork RevisionsRE-submitted to the Board by email, if there were issues, with the revisions, re-submission would be required again.Bring to approval meeting and discuss with committee.More likely to be approved, as committee can get questions answered first hand, no back and forth by email required
Approval SignatureScout required to contact committee member to get approval signature.Signed at approval meetingApproval signature received at approval meeting, no need to track down a committee member for a signature.


Once I submit my proposal online, when will I hear back?

You should receive a response from the committee within 3-7 days.  You will likely be asked questions about your project.  If the approval criteria has not been met, you will receive instructions for changes that need to be made.  At the appropriate time, you will receive an email invitation to sign up online for an approval meeting with the District Committee.

When are approval meetings held? 

Approval meetings are usually held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday from 7-9pm.  Each meeting lasts from 20-30 minutes.  The address along with a list of things you are to bring is located on the online sign up page.  The link to the online sign up page is provided in the committee recommendations letter that will be emailed to you.

What happens if my project is not approved at the approval meeting?

If you come prepared with the recommended adjustments/additions/answers that the Eagle Board requested, there is no reason why you would not receive an approval.   If you are not prepared, you will need to make any recommended adjustments and then make arrangements to get a signature at a later date but prior to beginning your project.

Why can’t I start my project until after the approval meeting?

This is for your own safety.  Some scouts have begun working on their projects before the approval meeting only to find out that in order to meet the requirements, they should have completed those steps in a different way.  If crucial elements of a project have been done incorrectly this would cause your project to become ineligible and you would need to start over with another project.

On the Contact Form in the Eagle Project Workbook it asks for the District Approval Representative, who is that?

If you are asking this question, it means you have not read through all the information on the previous page :).  Click here and go back to item #3 and click on the red text.  Make sure you follow all the instructions before submitting your proposal!