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Hobble Creek District Eagle Committee

The Hobble Creek District Eagle Committee is made up of about 9 local volunteers. Membership on the committee is a volunteer position and made by assignment from the Hobble Creek District in coordination with local Council Executives. Membership does not replace, but is in addition to any religious calling.

Committee responsibilities include coordinating with District scouts to approve Eagle Projects prior to beginning the project to ensure compliance with BSA National requirements.  Once the Eagle Project is completed and all Eagle Rank requirements have been met, the District Eagle Committee is responsible for reviewing final paperwork to ensure it is complete before inviting the Scout to an Eagle Board of Review held by the District Eagle Committee.  Once the Board of Review has been completed, the Committee then submits the paperwork to the Local Council, who then submits to BSA National.  If at any point along the way, there are incomplete requirements, the scout is notified and resubmission will be required.

The committee reviews and approves several Eagle Projects per week. This is a time consuming process and follows guidelines set forth by the BSA National Advancement Committee. Many submissions come in incomplete, without proper signatures, missing important information, and without the necessary impactful or leadership components necessary for a project that will be approved by the BSA National Council.

This website was created to give scouts, leaders, parents, and committee members an information and communication resource to help them successfully work together to help our Springville Scouts to meet the National BSA requirements for Eagle Rank and to help reduce incomplete Eagle Project approval submissions at the District level.

If you have suggestions for improvements and/or additions to this website, please submit them in the Help Forums. Thank you for your contribution and your help in improving this process.


The District Eagle Committee